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Build a Platform. Create new revenue streams.
Leverage AI. Grow your business.

If you create policies or guidance for your clients, we have a great platform for you!

Join our Staff.Wiki Partner Program to provide a state-of-the-art platform to deliver your policies, training, guidance, workflow-driven checklists, risk registers, compliance frameworks, and quizzes.

Create exciting new revenue streams and find new ways to reach, serve, engage and retain your clients!

What Is It?

Our Partner Program is a Policy & Procedures Distribution Platform powered by Staff.Wiki: a system for consultants to provide their clients best practices, quizzes and workflow automation.

  • Secure

    Each of your clients will have their own dedicated server for utmost security and scalability, maintained and monitored. Conveniently integrating with your clients' authentication systems.

  • Add Your Content
    Add Your Content

    Use your industry experience and expertise (and our AI system!) to create a library of policies, best practices, quizzes, regulatory frameworks, risk ledgers and workflow checklists.

  • Differentiate

    Stand out amongst the competition by offering something new and different. Build your own platform to sell, and make it a distinguishing feature of your brand.

  • Up-Sell Opportunities
    Up-Sell Opportunities

    Give your sales people something new to offer. New ways to reach clients. Supplement your service line with a SaaS offering that can integrate closely with your clients' daily operations.

Increase Customer Engagement & Retention

We know your customer relationships are the most valuable part of your business

Give your clients something unique with content they rely on each day, nurturing a closer relationship with your clients that creates greater loyalty and lasting business.

What Kind of Content Can You Add?

From simple guidance articles to workflow checklists with forms, transfer your knowledge into a platform and unleash your creativity - all with the help of our cutting-edge AI engine

Policies & Procedures

Develop industry-standard policies or guidance for your clients, with quizzes to test them, and track their performance. Then they can use Staff.Wiki to manage attestations to ensure their staff regularly sign-off on policies.

Training Programs

Create multiple-choice quizzes on each article to build an entire training program to help your clients continually develop their staff's skills. Easily combine this with attestation requests to ensure staff fully understand the material before signing-off.

Workflow-Powered Checklists

Automate procedures with our interactive checklists, with workflow that lets you assign each item to different users, a built-in form designer and full audit trail. Create line-of-business applications without any programming!

Best Practices

As well as policies, you can also provide best practice guides for your clients to share with their staff. Let your clients learn from your experience, and provide quizzes to ensure they're fully understood and ready to apply them.

Risk Registers

You understand the kinds of industry risks that your clients can face. Now you can use Staff.Wiki to put that into a downloadable risk register your clients can install, extend and monitor - with an area to add mitigations, and even link them to suggested policies or best practices that you provide.

Compliance Frameworks

Help your clients with their SOC2, CMMC, GPRS or other regulatory framework. Or even create your own frameworks to help your clients maintain the highest standards. Automate the auditing process with full audit trail and comprehensive reporting.

A Platform With an Abundance of Features

Our partner platform lets you resell white-labeled Staff.Wiki subscriptions to your clients. Staff.Wiki has a ton of features your clients will love!

Your clients can use their Staff.Wiki system not only to access the policies you provide, but also as their own policies and procedures management system. With extensive approval workflow features, attestation management, incident reporting system, AI assistance with every feature and so much more. Our enterprise-scale architecture lets them use this for all their policy management needs, no matter the size.

So, How Does it Work?

Get started in just a few clicks. Becoming a Staff.Wiki Partner is a fantastic opportunity for you to build and resell a branded product that takes your services to the next level

  • Sign-Up as a Partner
    Sign-Up as a Partner

    Simply sign up on this page. Then fill out the partner settings form, and we'll give you a portal and master wiki where you can start creating your platform.

  • Build Your Platform
    Build Your Platform

    You'll get access to a customizable master wiki where you can add all kinds of content, from policies to compliance frameworks. This will become the policy library available to your clients.

  • Add Clients
    Add Clients

    Provide your clients with a signup form, or add them manually from the partner portal. They'll get their own wiki site, with live access to the policy library and other content you provide.

  • Earn Commission
    Earn Commission

    Earn an on-going commission for every client subscription you add. And, of course, you are free to continue charging your clients for whatever services you provide them.

An Opportunity for New Revenue Streams

Broaden your reach. Not only can you use Staff.Wiki to deliver your own expertise, also offer services to manage their in-house policies and workflow for them.

Offer services to convert and manage their existing policies and attestations, create line-of-business workflow applications using our checklists. The opportunities are endless.

Partner Examples

Here's some examples of consulting companies and how they sell Staff.Wiki in their industries.

Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services

Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services

You sell IT services to your clients. You manage their servers and software, providing consultancy to them and protecting them from cyber threats. Now you can provide your clients a central place for them to access IT documentation and training, including best practices and interactive inspection checklists. You can help them automate other parts of their operational workflow as checklists.

Our compliance module gives you a platform for providing your clients a turnkey SOC2, CMMC or other compliance solution, and a risk register you can provide them so they can monitor their cybersecurity risks visually.

Management/Compliance Consultants

Management/Compliance Consultants

You help clients in highly regulated industries ensure they meet their compliance objectives. As a comprehensive GRC application, Staff.Wiki can provide your clients with an end-to-end compliance solution.

You can pre-load both the regulatory framework objectives and policies your clients can adopt to satisfy those objectives. You can create policies, with attestation management, along with workflow and form-based checklists to automate various procedures with a full audit trail, and integrate that into compliance frameworks you define to get real-time GRC reporting.

Your clients will love how they can not only get their policies and procedures under control, but also add operational automation and get compliance reporting that gives them the big picture.

Ready To Get Started?

Learn more here, and get started by signing up for the partner program below.

Note: Each client is charged according to the current Staff.Wiki pricing, with a portion of the fees being sent to you as commission.